iOS 8 Support

***** UPDATE *****

EsoClassics Plus 1.2 is now approved by Apple and will be available on the App Store from tomorrow October 10.

GeoShake is already available for download.



Hi all,

probably you have noticed, if you have updated to iOS8, that my apps have become incompatible: they simply crash on start.

This is due to new Apple operating system, which changed something unpredictable and never touched before. In fact, EsoClassics has been on the stores for 3 years now (last update was September 18, 2011!) and passed through iOS 4/5/6/7 without suffering too much trouble. This time they made a mess, and the problem seems affecting many many apps made with third-party frameworks like mine.


So I’ve been busy on updates and just submitted the updated GeoShake and EsoClassics Plus to Apple for approval.

They should be now iOS8-compatible.


Stay tuned to know when they will be available on App Store.


Thanks for your patience.


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