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Go to the quest for Durlindana!


icona_05_wp8_300It has been a really hard work, for me, but now I’m frankly satisfied by the results. I find Durlindana is tough, engaging, challenging, rewarding but most of all… FUN to play.


I invite all to give a look to this old-style single player RPG: you’ll find all the characteristics that made you love the ancient classic games of this genre.

In fact, Durlindana is inspired by an ancient little gem of the C64 italian scene in 80’s, named in the whole “Durlindana und Excalibur”. I have, of course, now revised, expanded, modified and improved every aspect of this old title and the result is this.

Please, throw some feedback and some (5?) stars in your reviews on the stores 😉


Here you can have it:

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