Farm Games for Kids

A collection of simple yet addicting educational games for children aged 2-6.





—–> Five entertainments in one:

* Funny learning – Let your kid learn the typical sounds of the animals in a farm.

* Audio education – Hear a sound and match the correct animal.

* Visual education – Train with the shapes and match the corresponding animal.

* Memory training – Discover the cards and match the pairs.

* More memory – Watch a sequence of animals and try to reproduce it.


—–> Most notable features:

* Great graphics – Every animal is an original hand-drawn creation!

* Funny sounds – Many animals have their own typical sound!

* Great support for educational purposes – Learn with fun, through classic games that are never frustrating!

* Great on phones, excellent on tablets – The app is designed to make good use of your tablet, also on low-end ones!

* No risks – No ads, no occult buttons, no fraudulent links. Your child is safe!

Please support us: many more audio, visual and cognitive tests are coming!

***** Enjoy the farm! *****

Apple App Store (iOS)
Windows Phone 8

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