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Through many adventures, bring your knight from the initial misery to the maximum noble aspirations.

You, poor peasant in search of fortune, yearn and want the most powerful sword ever forged, the beautiful “Durlindana”.
You’ll have to make a long road, you will sweat and pray, because “Durlindana the fabulous” is none other in the hands of the King. Do begin the Quest of your life! The Quest for Durlindana!

– Fight battles against criminicona_05_wp8_300als, knights, mercenaries, wild beasts and mythical monsters
– Earn money and spend it to improve your equipment
– Practice your skills, to enhance the combat capability
– Experience the atmosphere of the Joust, in exciting tournaments of chivalry
– Try to improve your social status, increase your reputation with heroic actions and get titles of nobility
– Spend your time in the tavern, including late nights in front of the fireplace and the table gambling
– Choose how to earn a living working for the Guild, the Church, the Constable …
– … Or exploring regions abandoned in search of disappeared treasures…
– … Or risking your reputation trying to rob vagrants…
– Travel on foot or buy a horse to move faster
– Send your trusty falcon to guide you in your research

In Durlindana you’ll find, among other things:
– 50 quests to test your skills
– Over 30 different enemies to defeat
– An armory full of weapons, spears, armors, helmets and shields
– A varied medieval setting where you can always do something: there is no downtime, no waiting for the construction or the release of something, you’re always the one who decide how to develop the action of your hero!
– A challenging and rewarding game
– A game mechanic that makes you want to keep on going, never frustrating
– All and now: there are no in-app purchases, nothing to download, no expansion for a fee; what you pay is for the full game, for all future updates and forever!

The game is localized in English, Spanish and Italian. More languages are coming!

Good Quest!

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