Bugs and Problems

If you find something wrong in the apps, bugs, strange behaviours, crashes, etc. or if you want to give suggestions for new upgrades, feel free to leave a message here or by mail (mobile.matts@gmail.com).


Don’t forgive, please, to specify app name and platform for which you require support.



———– UPDATES ———–

Please, be aware that iOS 8 has made my apps incompatible with Apple devices, at this moment.

I’ll try to update them ASAP, stay tuned.

(And sorry!)

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5 commenti su “Bugs and Problems

  1. Since I updated to ios8 on my iPad air, the app has ceased functioning completely. It will open to the ‘title’ page and just freezes there. I utilize this app daily and would really appreciate it being in proper working order ASAP. I hope to hear from you soon with a way to make the app work properly.

  2. simonmatts il said:

    Hi, thanks for contacting me.
    It seems that Apple changed something big migrating to iOS8 and probably all my apps are incompatible with the new firmware.

    EsoClassics is a dead project since 2012 and currently I don’t have time to rewrite it.
    I’m really sorry because it is (was?) the only app of its genre on the stores.

    Probably I’ll make a try in the next weeks, but at the moment the only advice I can give is to use it on idevices mounting iOS up to 7.1.2, or on android devices, and now on BlackBerry ones too.

    Again, I apologize but Apple made a mess with iOS8.

    Best regards,

  3. Please let me know when the app is fixed. For now I must uninstall. I had to upgrade to iOS 8 bc other apps forced it on me so they would continue to work & I need them for medical purposes. I would really like to see this app functioning so please contact me when it is working so I can reinstall.

    Thank you.

  4. DainaZoc il said:

    I’m sorry, I think I left m’y message in the wrong section. I’ve got a bug on Durlindana 1.1 (screencap here : http://hpics.li/62081a8 ) with an iPad running on iOS 8.4. It just appeared when I unlocked quest 44. Is there something to do about it ?

  5. simonmatts il said:

    I sent you a private email, the bug is fixed.
    Thanks for the feedback!

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